Skill resolution mechanics

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At 08:58 AM 1/27/04 -0500, you wrote: 
> I think that in general we want to stay away from "table lookup" in terms of
> running the game activities (I don't thing it is a problem for character,
> treasure or encounter generation).
> Combat and skill use is much more streamlined if all you need do is roll the
> dice and judge the results right there.  when you add the table
> lookup/cross-reference it interrupts the pace.


> Definitely!  We don't want to be ChartMaster..errr RoleMaster.  Anyone who
> has played that game know its nothing but charts.  To do a simple task of
> lifting a sowrd at times seems like you have to reference 3 charts just to
> do...ok..exaggerated but its bad.  Never saw combat for a single turn (real
> time) last lower than 1.5 hours due to the charts.  AWFUL.
> Course PNP could use a big chart of monsters as a option :)
> Maybe just the core stats say all in a row like a spreadsheet.  I thought
> about that one time but never got around to it :)

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