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Oblivion: No need for change in cost, but penalty for excessive use is needed to prevent an easy 1-shot disposal of opposition.

Quarrels: No change needed EXCEPT to increase cost of exclusions OR to clarify that victims do not neccissarily attack their allies with preference.

Fascination: A wonderful spell, good as it is (it leaves free-will in the victim until they turn into a vegetable). SOME effects simulated with fascination should have a different description as to use of power (such as the paralyzing gaze of a Great Serpent).

Elf-Shot: Needs clarification. It is BMC 1, making it easy to advance (good), but is an item creation spell. How does THIS work?

Time Travel: Oh, the world of possibilities. To include such a powerful spell in a game, the GM must have preparations for paradoxic activities. If I go back and kill my mother, I was never born to go back and kill my mother, thus I was born to do so.?.

Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM> wrote:
Sounds like a number of people think that certain spells are too powerful
for their BMC. Okay, lets gets suggestions and reasons for changing spells.
What BMC do you feel IS appropriate? And why?




Elf Shot

Other spells?

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