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At 12:11 AM 1/27/04 +0100, you wrote:
>Sounds like a number of people think that certain spells are too powerful
>for their BMC. Okay, lets gets suggestions and reasons for changing spells.
>What BMC do you feel IS appropriate? And why?
No real change here.  Though I've often thought of putting cool down limits
on spells so you can just repeat spells like this over nd over without some
time delay in between.  But that's a whole new post..


I actually like this spell and no change needed.  Its quite effective.
Heck as you know you took out most of a ship with it recently in my game :)


This spell is problematic.  It is WAY too easy to abuse.  I actually dread
it when folks use this spell.  To offset this maybe it should be a +3/4 BMC
to make it harder to just take slaves.  At the very least have some
optional rule to limit the amount of fascinated targets.

>Elf Shot
Used this often enough but never had a problem with its mechanics.

>Other spells?

Healing -  It gets hard to truly heal folks in long campaigns.  Sometimes I
just miss AD&D where bam your fully healed.  Now on the other hand this
makes character think twice on their action rather than charging into
everything knowing they will be fully healed so in that regard its good.

Speed - PMR increase EL+1?  I thought about at times options with say some
attribute like Dex, Agil, Str, or even Weight being factors in the formula.

Time Powers - Another possible fun but absuive spell.  I think its fine as
it is but a smart player can cause alot of havoc with a GM :)

Travel Powers - Teleport is just a useful spell for the distance it tends
to do in miles the cost seems rather cheap.  Maybe a lesser BMC like 1 for
a less distance?

Telepathic Powers - At times these can be a bit lacking in usefulness.  The
sending if i recall the duration for a simple msg seems way too short.

Fire, Storm, Sea, Desert, Death, these are the main powerful family types that
folks tend to use.  Its been years and years since I sat and cmpared them
side by side but I'd just make them more equal.  I'd have to study them
again to give examples though.

Overall I still say fasciation tends to be the weak but major abuse spell :)
I can deal with just about anything but that at times.

With a smart guy it can ruin plot points and such :)

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