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At 12:06 AM 1/27/04 +0100, you wrote:
>I agree with the idea of having a simple version for beginners and a more
>complete version for experienced players. The simple version would have
>lots of pictures and explanations and not rely on the intimidating style
>of numbering rules. The advanced version would have few if any pictures and
>only have explanations for the stuff introduced in the advanced rules, and
>it would use the rules numbering and references so as to reduce the need
>for looking to the index all the time. Both versions should have an index.

It would help.  One of my many other games I run is Star Fleet Battles and it
has 3 sets of rules and progresses in basic to advance stages but its nothing
but a laywerish type rule system but it still works well for newbies.  (Iok
so its not a rpg but its a game :)

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