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> I also like the fact that healing takes a bit of time.  While not as
> in a long-term campaign, on a short term (1-2 day) mission the fact that you
> can't go "bam! you're healed" makes the characters have to watch what
they do
> instead of just running in like meat shields, confident that they can be
> tapped up before the next battle.

That I do like about the game.  Hawkmoon is a very bloody game in combat a bit
more than PNP that i run but its healing is quick.  So I like it here.

> || >Speed - PMR increase EL+1?  I thought about at times options with say
> some 
> || >attribute like Dex, Agil, Str, or even Weight being factors in the
> formula. 
> Hard to say.  You don't want to get overly complex.  The fact that it's
> and can overcome any chunk of mass is fine.  That may be the place to put
> other factors -- mana cost goes up if you are trying to speed up something
> real chunky.

Well I just have odd ideas of some big guy lifting up a wagon say with a super
strength spell then using speed to help him move it a few hundred feet away. 
But your right its magic so the logic is thrown out a bit there.  But on the
hand maybe the magic is boosted via Dex/Agi.  For example Supernatural Dex or
Agility could give a bonus of say +1 PMR or something.

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