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>>>Sounds like a number of people think that certain spells are too powerful
>>>for their BMC. Okay, lets gets suggestions and reasons for changing
>>>What BMC do you feel IS appropriate? And why?
>>Healing -  It gets hard to truly heal folks in long campaigns.  Sometimes I
>>just miss AD&D where bam your fully healed.  Now on the other hand this
>>makes character think twice on their action rather than charging into
>>everything knowing they will be fully healed so in that regard its good.
>Actually I like the variability presently in the system. There are some
>harder spells (Healing Light and Regeneration) that will more fully heal
>people and Healing combined with prior use of a decent EL in healing skill
>can heal a LOT of points even with an EL0 Healing spell, see Rule 1.343.
>[EL13 healer gives a +5 to the amount healed IF the Healing Chance is
>  I also like that character should think twice before doing things that
>may take awhile to be healed.

True.  One thing about body damage I like in other systems like
Fringeworthy, while a sci-fi game, are accurate body charts for damage (ie
leg, neck, etc.)
Course it just adds to complexity for players/GMs.

>>Speed - PMR increase EL+1?  I thought about at times options with say some
>>attribute like Dex, Agil, Str, or even Weight being factors in the formula.
>Good idea. Suggestions people?


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