Spells (was: god legends)

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Wed Jan 28 03:30:06 CET 2004

>Healing combined with prior use of a decent EL in healing skill
>can heal a LOT of points even with an EL0 Healing spell, see Rule 1.343.
>[EL13 healer gives a +5 to the amount healed IF the Healing Chance is

I was in a hurry, so let me expand the example.
Presume a fairly normal PC, St20 and C33, giving a StB+1 and HC27%.
The character is badly hurt and needs healing.
A Healing spell will heal 1D6+StB+EL and courtesy of Rule 1.343 will also
give a bonus Healing Chance roll with whatever bonuses medicine and magic
have applied.
A simple EL0 Healing spell in this case will heal 1D6+1 points and cause
the bonus Healing Chance roll to be 32%. If made this would be another 2-4
points healed. Total average of 5.46 points healed.
If a healer first uses EL1 healing this average goes to 5.86 points healed.
An EL7 healer would bring the average to 7.38.
An EL13 healer would bring the average to 9.14.
Increasing the EL of the Healing spell similarly enhances the StB and
Healing Chance.
To take an extreme example EL13 healing skill followed by a EL9 Healing
spell should average (starting with a base StB+1 and HC27%) 13.5 direct
healing and (HC27+26+50=automatically makes the roll) 11 on the Healing
Chance healing for a total of (21-28) 24.5 points healed on average.

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