Healing w Herbs

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Wed Jan 28 22:35:05 CET 2004

Perhaps P&Pv2 Healing Skill should be modified to read:
...To gain this benefit the Healer must have access to the Healing
materials in a Healing Kit. (See Equipment List. These material's HC bonus
is cumulative with the Healer's bonus). If he does not, his skill is used
at 1/2 value, rounded down....

Maybe even include it as errata?

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> Correct. Multiple herbs can be used. Use of herbs assumes the individual
> some knowledge of how to use them properly. No explicit rules exist on
> for those who are not Healers or Herbalists. You may possibly wish to
> characters gain a bit of battlefield healing expertise in such things as
> they improve in CEL. An option.
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> >As I was driving my father back from the airport (the reason I am up at
> >2AM) I was pondering this and realized that maybe it is all additive.
> >
> >   The trained healer gets to give their skill bonus PLUS the bandage
> >PLUS the herb bonus to give a decent HC (Healing Chance). If the healer
> >without a healing kit (or it ran out of supplies) then the healer only
> >gives half (RD) their skill bonus to the HC.
> >
> >   [Note: The rules could be clearer on this point...and others.]
> >
> >   That still leaves the question of whether one can use multiple
> >

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