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>--- Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:
>> >   Basically I think it would hurt the playability
>> more than it would help
>> >the 'reality'.
>> Well like anything you have to weight realism to
>> fast play.  More detail
>> obviously gives more detail but slows the mechanics
>> down.
>I haven't played Fringeworthy but I have played The
>Morrow Project (TMP) which I understand is very
>similar. The writer of Fringeworthy also worked on

That's one system I've played maybe 3 times but don't run it or own the
game. I always liked FW since it was just one book and had charts but not
tons and tons of them.  It wa a unique system.   Then movies and TV shows
like Stargate and Sliders came out which reminded me of the original game
in many ways :)

>TMP uses a hit location system and I find that if all
>the players and the GM are familiar with the system
>the game play flows smoothly. All it takes is a
>percentile roll to determine the location and then
>deduct the damage from that location. TMP even has a
>"NPC Fast Kill" Chart to ease the burden that this
>sort of system would place on a GM. IMO, playing out a
>couple of rounds of combat in TMP goes quickly, alot
>quicker then many rpgs that don't use individual hit

I agree.  I think FW was 1 or 2 % rolls for the same hit location.  I
actually wrote up a player character generator program and ALL the
rules/charts for the FW system years ago.  I'll have to dig it up and find
it again.  But it was a fun system and I still like to play  a game in it
every once in awhile.

I'm sure a more popular game that folks know was Fantasy Hery.  It had a
similar type of system with specific hit locations.  But not as elaborate
as FW.  But the fun thing about FH was the infamous Viddles show (yes the
real name).  This is the basic sensitive spot for a male.  Playing a game
of FH at 2am with half drunk players and combats with a Viddles hit was
just pure slapstick.

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