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--- Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:
> >   Basically I think it would hurt the playability
> more than it would help
> >the 'reality'.
> Well like anything you have to weight realism to
> fast play.  More detail
> obviously gives more detail but slows the mechanics
> down.

I haven't played Fringeworthy but I have played The
Morrow Project (TMP) which I understand is very
similar. The writer of Fringeworthy also worked on

TMP uses a hit location system and I find that if all
the players and the GM are familiar with the system
the game play flows smoothly. All it takes is a
percentile roll to determine the location and then
deduct the damage from that location. TMP even has a
"NPC Fast Kill" Chart to ease the burden that this
sort of system would place on a GM. IMO, playing out a
couple of rounds of combat in TMP goes quickly, alot
quicker then many rpgs that don't use individual hit


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