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>>True.  One thing about body damage I like in other systems like
>>Fringeworthy, while a sci-fi game, are accurate body charts for damage (ie
>>leg, neck, etc.)
>>Course it just adds to complexity for players/GMs.
>   If you start using a system where hits do damage to specific body parts
>you will also have to revise upwards the total hit points of a character as
>no body part would have all the hit points. Otherwise limbs become way too
>easy to chop off. Alternatively you could decrease the damage various
>things do ; )

In fact Fringeworthy does this quite well with only one chart.  It doesn't
just keep a body being hacked to pieces.  If a person is hit in the neck
and takes 2 points that is far more critical territory than it is in the
lower leg muscle.  Thus death is more realistic in the neck than leg.  This
is why I merge both systems and take into account such areas.  90% of the
time its in the abdomen but other times it tends to kill a person with even
a light blow if in the right place.
Fringeworthy also improved upon this system by making armor in various
sections so you could have various protection leels say in the neck
compared to the leg.  Which again is a bit more realistic since a arrow in
the leg may have less damage armor wise compared to a thick chest plate.
Otherwise e just assume in pnp a leather armor is AV 1 for all over.

>   Not that I think one should go this route, but if you really wish to,
>the RuneQuest system isn't bad.

I'd have to pull out RQ again to chec them out but they were ok if I recall.

>   Of course then you have to worry about questions like what to do about
>area-affect weapons (fireballs etc.) as to whether each body part takes the
>damage (minus the armor on that body part) or not and if a particular
>poison is local or general.

That part is pretty easy to deal with.

>   Basically I think it would hurt the playability more than it would help
>the 'reality'.

Well like anything you have to weight realism to fast play.  More detail
obviously gives more detail but slows the mechanics down.

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