+1WSB sword in Two Wpn usage

Albert Sales drite_mi at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jan 29 04:53:52 CET 2004

Two reasons. One- Weapon Balance: These weapons would be far to unwieldy for someone of even incredible strength. Perhaps allowing an individual of unusual size and strength would be reasonable, but if they are less than 18 inches taller than the blade is long, no way. If you add 1 to the WSB, and square the result, this should make a minimum SB to attempt it.
Two-Game Balance. The skill already sets this balance off by a bit as is. If heavier weapons are allowed, this factor will become extreme.
Three- Why bother? If they have such a high SB, the 1-2 extra points won't make a difference. (this one isn't a reason, so I stand by saying two reasons)

Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM> wrote:
To play Devil's Advocate:
Why is it limited to swords and daggers whose base WSB is 0 or less? I
can imagine a player whose character has SB+4 or better saying that his 8
ft. tall fighter should be able to use broadswords, or even bastard swords
in each hand. Perhaps it should be based on the character's SB? Maybe with
an additional limit based on relative size/weight of the weapon to the

Alex K

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