[PnP] Convocation

Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at matrixone.com
Thu Oct 14 15:50:29 CEST 2004

I hope you take a look at the tweaking to the standard stat grid I used in
my "dogs of war" posting.  A sample here:

Warrior I
AHP	15		OCV	4		DCV	2		NWI
S	20(+1)	St	16(+1)	D	10		A	10
MR	10		NAV	0		MDV	4		C
EnL	35		CDF	2		Pois	+4	
DTV	-3		HC	20%		PA	60#

I believe I added the "C", "Pois" (poison resist) and "PA" (portage ability)
entries.  Pois should be in there for creatures, as well as C (since C is a
factor in many creature stats as well).  PA is more useful for beasts of
burden or "hirable" creatures and should be considered.

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New creatures, checking to make sure stats are right, editting, tightening 
up the mythos, etc. Don't anticipate any major change in the way stats are 

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