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I like this one better, for the reasons expressed. Also, a blow that draws blood (gets through armor and NAV) should be able to do that 1 HP, unlike with a subtraction result (round up). In my game, the giant types would be shot with bows, and the modifier from their size pushed many attacks into severe and deadly. A simple subtraction wouldn't be enough there.

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The problem with that is that deadly or sever hits are supposed to be "vitals". 

A 6' man is hard pressed to score vitals hits on a 20' giant (in reality). 

I don't like a strictly "height" based modifier (which does not apply to "horizontal monsters -- how would you classify something like a Wyrm which is mostly all on the ground, but still huge?)

I think what needs to be considered is the idea of "scaling".  Anything out of the human scale would have a "scale factor" that applies to damage and experience. (humans are considered scale "x1")

For example, say a creature is rated at scale "x3".  In this case all damage inflicted by characters (after AV) is divided by THREE -- the logic being that the creature is so huge that human scale weapons (and magics?) are less effective (A sword may go through a human, but you mat well stick it into the hilt on a giant and not even reach something important). 

Using this method means that large scale creatures will last longer in conflict with characters (in general), and thus be more of a hazard.  The scaling does not alter the EXP award though.  I would presume that giants would at least be x2, perhaps even x3 (saving x2 for larger animals like great bears and the like).

In the case that going from normal damage to 1/2 damage (x1 to x2) is too big a jump, and since you want to avoid gametime math in order to keep it smooth, the alternate is to apply the scaling to the creature AHP and CDF (and notate the scaling on the creature stats).  This would allow a smoother scale (x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, etc).  AHP is multiplied by the factor, CDF is divided by it (again, thus retaining EXP ratings).  The problem with this is that CDF ratings would need to be loosened up to use "moderate" fractionals (1/2, 1/4, 3/4), with the caveat that in any EXP calculations that ends in a fraction, you round up.

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I have given some thought to Burton's comment about "walking walls of meat." 
I think it can be addressed by adding a Size factor to the game. The effect 
would limit the damage a smaller creature can score on a larger one. 
The factor would be one per three feet of average height. This gives Humans 
a size factor of two and, for example, a Hill Giant a size factor of six. In 
battle subtract the smallest factor from the largest. A human fighting a 
Hill Giant would subtract (6-2) FOUR from any damage he scores in melee. 
Effectively, to do squat, when NAV is also considered, he would need a 
Severe or Deadly hit. 

Whatcha think?? 
NOTE- Such a change makes magic even more dominant in the system. 

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