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Thing is under Hawkmoon (RQ) you better damn well have lots of firepower and
healing on your side.  Even a smallish giant will be doing 4+ dice of damage
on a hit, and since RQ uses hit locations, the average hit is going to
disable or kill even the largest character (18's on everything).   In that
case, you better have your tactics set or imaginative plans, otherwise you
are so screwed..
In P&P, since there are no real locations, average hits by even a giant with
+4 SB is still withstandable (shoot, most beefy characters could probably
take a few hits given normal armor before they start to sweat)
You practically have to swarm RQ giants with lots of fodder troops.  In P&P,
it is possible for a few characters to take one down.  Big difference in
But P&P is more geared to the "Conan" style of fantasy, where the experience
PC is truly a legend that walks the earth and can fight man-to-man with such
monsters.  In RQ the experienced character is more like Joe Average with
slightly better stats, hopefully better skills, and a shit-load more
resources in men and/or magic.
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Hawkmoon uses the Chaosim BRP system, aka Runequest. 

Yep.  Chaosium.  Its not a perfect result for pnp.  It fits in that universe
and does their animals well enough for variation.  But it would have to be
looked at for pnp or such.  I think pnp is fine as it is for the creatures.

It takes imagination of players not some size factor to determine how to
kill a giant :)

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