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I also treated these prices as 'priced for humans' with elves and dwarves getting much better deals when buying from their own. 

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  I've always viewed those prices as "for a human trying to buy". A racial member or racial friend could get them at 1/10 that rate in my games. A non-member or non-friend could rarely commision them, and would pay an arm and a leg for them. A friend selling to a non-friend would lose their friendly status, and might face repercussions (taking from the elder is a crime). The players either respected the races so much OR feared repercussion such that, in my game, they always returned lost items to the making elder/ sidh race, and recieved a nominal award and better standing with that race. One serious swatting by elder forces should be enough to get the greediest characters to realise that returning them is better.

  Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote: 
    BTW Richard! Is the table in book 1 correct in terms of the non-human
    item values? Ie Dwarf Armor x100? I always wondered that if it was
    correcti or just a x10 and a typo :) I mean find a nice suit of Dwarf
    Armor say brigdine and retire :)

    Longshot - ZC of AdventureNet International 
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