[PnP] To be a noble or not to be...

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Tue Oct 19 02:47:05 CEST 2004

Richard, you have in book 3 some mentioned notes on non-human society.
Could you do a article to clarify some of those points?  Maybe make a
cultural thesis on the non-human races (or even human for that matter) in
regards to station.  How one might obtain one level and examples, etc.
Priesthood I believe you did this well with the ranks and such and it woul
dbe nice for the other areas like non-humans (and/or humans).  The info is
there to work with but for some new to such things (newbies) might help
them figure out things and how to play say a Elf trying to become king...
ie rites of passage....dos/don'ts..taboos..etc... 
In stormbringer they detail alot of this with their Elan system of using
magic so would be nice to see a more detailed explanation of society and
station in pnp.  :)

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