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What follows is my suggestion for the curse. I don't see it as having any 
relation at all to the Black Curse (which makes zombies). Let me know what 
you think.


Lycanthrophy            Chaos
	This spell is a major ritual curse. It must be cast on an altar purified 
for Chaos magic during the height of the full moon. The victim must be aware 
as he is being cursed. Seeing the full moon at the height of its casting 
seals the curse on him.
	The victim of a Lycanthrophy curse is possessed by a bestial demon when the 
moon is full. During that time he is an uncontrolled killing machine from 
dusk to dawn.
	While afflicted the victim operates as a rabid individual of the species 
selected would. His senses will be akin to those of that animal. He is 
immune to damage from any weapon except those made of or coated with silver. 
The form taken is generally the most prevalent predator in the area where 
the individual is cursed. The caster may vary this if he chooses. The cost 
to do so is DOUBLE the normal casting cost.
The basic attributes of the Lycanthrope are TWO times the value of the base 
creature or the current value the character already possesses, whichever is 
higher. His NWI while affected is two. His INT while affected will be five. 
He will have no control or recollection of what he does while he is in beast 
This curse can only be cured by a Negate Curse spell cast on a purified 
altar at noon by a Priest. Wolfbane must be used in the ritual to do so and 
the EL of the Negate Curse spell must be higher than that used to curse the 
victim. Offensive magic that operates by creating a physical weapon has no 
effect on a Lycanthrope unless that weapon is silver. Other offensive magic 
will have 50% of its normal affect (RD). These limitations only apply while 
the person is inhabited by the possessing demon.
     BMC:      8

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