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Thu Sep 23 21:53:20 CEST 2004

Comments on Illusion power suggestions.


B) New Illusion Power Spells
Deceptive Creation
The mage can create illusionary things, creatures, smells, sounds etc. The 
spell is not capable of inflicting damage. It is automatically disbelieved 
if it would in reality inflict damage. When the spell has been cast, the 
creation can be maintained at a cost of 1 Mana Point per turn. Area affected 
is the maximal size of the deceptive creation.
     BMC           - 1
     Range         - (EL+1) * 2" (center of radius)
Duration      - (EL+1) * 2 phases
Area effected - EL + 1" (radius)

I can’t see much difference between this and what a magician can already do 
with a Glamour spell. If needed, can rewrite that spell so it is easier to 
see what its potentials are.

123) Tumble
Tumble spells are cast on an area. Everyone in this area is affected. If the 
spell succeeds, roll as for Active Illusion for every target in the area. If 
the target believes the spell, he will be convinced the area around him 
turns and moves and trapdoors open everywhere and he is falling. The target 
is incapable of any action for the duration of the spell.
     BMC           - 6
     Range         - EL + 1" (center of radius)
Area affected - EL + 1" (radius)
Duration      - (EL+1) * 2 phases
     Damage        - EL + 1 per phase

I like it.

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