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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Oct 13 04:32:32 CEST 2005

At 07:12 PM 10/12/05 -0500, you wrote:
>Play test?
>I am currently trying a game with the PnP2 rules.
>The changes are small in most places but interesting.

I've not studied them in depth.  Can't seem to find my b2 pdfs so gotta
track them down and study them when i can.  I have a pdf->text version so
that'll do me well.  I've skimmed them and will likely compare as I go.  It
would be nice if someone did an article on the various changes :)

>Characters can start with far more money ;)

Cool.  Will look at that.

>I love the new spells, Archery Powers is very useful.

That was one of mine. Heres a secret.  I saw those spells in Diablo (Video
game) and so loved it.  Adapted it for pnp :) I did well over *100* new
spells.  Those articles are in the list and probably website somewhere.
Some silly, some powerful and some good ones.  Compilation of spells
players and myself hav ecome up with over the past 2 decades.  In fact I'm
working on a spell article specifically for ship and water based use.  Got
about 50 so far.  But likely not much more.  :)

>Tree of Souls has a CDF of 500, I am sure that is wrong?

I believe me and Richard talked about that in the list a year or so ago.  I
thought it was a huge thing.  Just like the super dragon what's his face in
the new creature set.  (Forget his name).  But based on the description it
fits.  Course if your likely to win a battle with it then wowsers!

>I am still a firm believer that 100x for magic weapons is way off, it 
>takes the same Mana to do a dagger or a greatsword, yet the price is 30 
>times as much.

Never thought of it.  But these are market prices.  Making one yourself
which i have one character in my pnp pbem game now making tons of stuff is
cheap.  but Buying one from Joe's Magic Shop is steep cause it tends to be
1) rare 2) unique and 3) hard to push (get rid of).

>Armor is far worse as magic plate costs thousands giving the mage a 
>really good pay rate.

I'm a firm believer in Balance.  I do everything with Balance.  Alex knows
this best :)  But if a Super +30 Weapon is made then theres likely some
drawback.  If there is a Time Travel action to stop the evil bad guys from
doing something then maybe the Balance will affect the new timeline and
make things worse.  So for armor there is Armor AV reduction and breakage.
Theres having armor stolen.  Among many other options :)

>I have been trying to think up a system to base costs on power used and 
>effort, but I dont like the results so far.

You do know of the Magic Creation costs right?  In the errata?
Look at other game systems.  Plenty of games to compare.

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