[PnP] Bringing Up The Ship Project

Phineas Cromwell phineascromwell at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 00:17:44 CEST 2010

That's good to hear that you're still working on it; I've been enjoying
reading it and incorporating it into the collective P&P corpus.

Richard Snider's death was a blow to me too. I knew a scant few details
about him, but over the years I came to admire him, more as a figure than a
person I knew, from his work on P&P. I really wish I had the opportunity to
communicate with him. I always thought his work on the Perilous Lands
box-set was impressive, and overall brilliant. The sheer size of it was
monumental, especially for the time it was published (it rivaled Greyhawk).
I always loved reading all those gazetteer write-ups of the nations and
cultures; he achieved a living world. One thing I was hoping to ask him was
if he was willing to work on fiction in his world. I would have ate that up.
It makes me feel motivated to give it a shot; it would be great to see a fan
fiction section added to the site.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I appreciate the contributions to the world.
Its great stuff.

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 12:01 AM, Scott Adams <longshotgm at netzero.com>wrote:

> At 12:29 AM 7/27/10, Phineas Cromwell wrote:
> >I was just randomly wondering if the Scott Adam's Ship Project was still
> ongoing, and what (if it is ongoing) is still in the works? I really enjoy
> reading substantial input-material to the game, and the Ship Project is of a
> type that I find particularly interesting.
> Ongoing as it has for years.   I just frankly don't have as free time as I
> used to.  Once I complete the actual construction file the combat will be a
> breeze.  Those are last 2 parts 90% is already done with the project.  But
> with running the P&P pbem for 11 years now and its pretty active itt akes up
> probably 80% of my free time.
> But this fall (Sept-Dec) I have alot of vacation time so hope to work on it
> a bit then when i have 3 day weekends for the rest of the year.  The list
> will be the first to know when its out...
> I did lose some steam when Richard died.  I was really hoping to get some
> support and tips from him.  I got tons of stuff on the project from him over
> the years but was hoping to get this out.  But it was a shock so now its
> motivation nto for his approval but maybe for a dedication to his work.
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