[PnP] Bringing Up The Ship Project

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sat Jul 31 01:26:26 CEST 2010

At 06:17 PM 7/30/10, you wrote:
>That's good to hear that you're still working on it; I've been enjoying reading it and incorporating it into the collective P&P corpus. 

That means a lot to me. To know folks do like it.  It incentive to work.  Its just that whole free time issue.  For ship construction isa creative block on one part on which direction to go A, B or C and once i get over that hurdle I can go fast.  But that hurdle affects everything else.  I can reiterate and bring this back up for discussion next month when I have my vacation time scheduled.  Got 28 days to use so bunch of 3 day weekends for 4 months.  

>Richard Snider's death was a blow to me too. I knew a scant few details about him, but over the years I came to admire him, more as a figure than a person I knew, from his work on P&P. I really wish I had the opportunity to communicate with him. I always thought his work on the Perilous Lands box-set was impressive, and overall brilliant. The sheer size of it was monumental, especially for the time it was published (it rivaled Greyhawk). I always loved reading all those gazetteer write-ups of the nations and cultures; he achieved a living world. One thing I was hoping to ask him was if he was willing to work on fiction in his world. I would have ate that up. It makes me feel motivated to give it a shot; it would be great to see a fan fiction section added to the site.
He was bigger than life to me.  I don't have many mentors or stars I admire.  I only really like one muscian and really like many geekdom folks like some scientists (gee I'm a geek huh?)  I don't go out of my way to seek autographs or speak to stars though I have met a few over the years.  But to me Richard was the rock star of the game world.  I've met Gygax (bleh) and a few others but wasn't motivated to stay around and listen to them speak.  But Richard I never met but would love to spend hours with and rack his brain.  There will always be questions and comments to ask.  Almost monthly we have a thing in debate or to figure out.  Now the big man is gone and we can't ask.   

I was honored to work with him on v2 alone.  Up till that part I was just a mediocre lurker with posts here nad there. I did a few things but mostly private stuff.  Then we talked via email on v2 and we had fun.  i was honored to get about 100 of my 300 odd spells I've created ove the years added to v2 and only about 95% of them stayed as is without any modification.  I didn't do much on the other stuff like the rule upgrades but the spell book 2 and 3 monster stuff was great fun to work on.  I got tons of suggestions and tips and even some files no one seemed to have gotten.  One is the major sea personalities I think I sent ot wout awhile back.  It was his work as well as his Special Ships file he sent me and I added to.  I am not as creative as he was and I enjoyed PL and the core rules far more than any other system like that gygax one.  

We talked in email for years but never by phone as it would seem to me a bit pushy and I know folks prefer their privacy.  

As to fan fic that would be great.  I think you, John Hooten...and a few others would be great in some stories.  I've been doing it (more or less) for 11 years with the pbem.  Each game update I do is a story in itself and put together would easy fit into 4 paperback novels.  Firuging 200 updates per adventure...figuring each update about on medium size 30k...figure each update is on average 300-500 lines.  Figure 4 adventures so far.  So 4-5,000 liens of text just from me.  A few million words maybe?  But yeah I'd like to see fan filk.  

Even reading about other advnetures would be fun and other characters...

>Anyway, keep up the good work. I appreciate the contributions to the world. Its great stuff.  
I will never add lands.  PL is just too huge for that.  I've done PL for 25 odd years now and still only seen maybe 30% of the world!  Why I like the pbem adventures kinda hoping around from place to place to experience such now.

Thanks.  Stay tuned.  Next month might start posting a bit of questions and comments on it.  But likely will be too busy till then...

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