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Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Fri Mar 15 02:00:58 CET 2013


> But as with anything change if don't feelright.

    This is exactly why I love P&P (and other well-rounded) game 
systems. Everything is based on the design principle of a "bell curve", 
and not a linear determination (like some, "recent" 3rd or 4th edition 
game from some Wizards Cabal of the Shore...;)

   Everything in P&P pretty much takes the X+Y / Z to get M, as opposed 
to X = M. This produces a nice curve where a characters stats will 
typically give them about the same capability as another, even if their 
stats are quite different, in the overall scheme of the game. When you 
have formulae that use 3 stats to get a value, there is a very good 
chance that at least one of those three stats isn't going to be 
"high"...and that pushes the value towards the middle of the curve in 
stead of at the extreme ends.

   Anyway, because of this "bell curve" base, it makes is SUPER easy to 
modify or otherwise come up with your own values for whatever you need 
in your campaign. For example if you need a value to determine, say, 
"General Perception" for your game, you can pick three stats that make 
sense and average that (say, D + I + Em / 3 and use it as a "stat", or 
maybe D + I + Em / 15 and use it as a Normal Skill EL, or whatever). 
Chances are most characters will end up with roughly the same range of 
General Perception score.

   But I digress. :) "P&P = Awesome" is about all I can say.


Paul L. Ming

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