[PnP] Enhancement limitations, new gems

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Dec 11 06:36:59 CET 2014

At 10:25 PM 12/6/2014, you wrote:

         With any magic it can be refined.  Yes they are powerful
    by default but compared to actual spells they are weak.  It is
    all relative.  To me I just don't house markets with every NMI
    to man.  It is more rare.  A very simple system like using the
    random charts say X is 12-14 then X is found on a 3% chance
    12-14.  I don't do nation by nation of X is higher here than
    in nearby nation.  So I just use a baseline %.

    As to EL0 vs EL10 X item well that's a valid point.  We covered
    it in the 80s but I can't recall what we determined.

    The problem is the word Natural.  A rock is a rock.  Would
    a EL0 compared to a EL10 make it more shiny?  Would berries
    that are great teasting be even better tasting with a EL10?
    Nature in this case per mythos was created as is.  One can
    assume evolution takes some part but it is a slow thing.

     Most NMIs have Duration, BL, EL, Range effects.  Some might
     have other effects but this is the core value for EL modifications.

     I see no problem with a EL changing the duration.  But most
     are already in formula format so hard to change.

     BL is where it gets dangerous.  A BL2 poison suddenly
     becoming a BL10 poison due to EL?  Would open a whole can of
     worms.  So Player A is poisoned and easy plant C is found.
     So run off get teh anti-dotes.  But what if the magic was from
     a MEL10/EL15 person?  Finding that anti-dote makes things far
     worse.  It might add spice to the adventure but it would make
     death so much esier.  Since folks would not be prepared for it.

     EL same thing but i can see slight changes if needed depending
     on the NMI.

     Range - Is the best thing to change.  I think the mythos of
     a person's "soul" or mana into a item would toughen it up
     andthus make a range better so i see no problem with EL changes
     to this.

     Sadly it would have to be a case by case basis for each NMI.
     This iw where my Tweak system hs come in.  Allowing a player
     to tweak stats or items or spells.  Get a EL10 Teleport is fine
     but tweak it by a specific effect like a EL second temp Insub
     effect.  If you master the spell that greatly then you can add
     stuff to it.

     But i am leaning more to the Once Upon a Time shows version of
     magic.  With magic it all comes with a price. So if  you improve
     a NMI then maybe a drawback is required.

     Right now i see no point in NMI changes.

     i looked at the archives I have and errata and the info from
     Richard but only found 1 item on NMIs and shamanic spells.
     So I guess it is up to us.

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