[PnP] Enhancement limitations, new gems

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Dec 13 00:21:54 CET 2014

That I understand all too well.  I have a player tat makes comfy 
clohtng and such.  It is just weird to me in some way to use magic 
that way.  Itis hard to explain what I mean.  To me a chair is made 
and thsu can be enhanced.  But a rock is by nature and so what? Make 
it smooth?  Make it more pointy? I know I'll do this spell to make 
this pebell the size of a marble strong nad heavy enough that only a 
Hill giant cna use.  I know this rock here I can make it so ponty it 
will slice thorugh shileds!  There is a point where realism and magic 
tends to be odd at times.

Pick a stick from the ground and magic it to fly and dance.  I can 
see why magic is goodfor things you MAKE.  But for natural things 
like plants or rocks.  There is a fine line.

At 06:00 AM 12/12/2014, you wrote:
> >   The problem is the word Natural.  A rock is a rock.  Would
> >   a EL0 compared to a EL10 make it more shiny?  Would berries
> >   that are great teasting be even better tasting with a EL10?
> >   Nature in this case per mythos was created as is.  One can
> >   assume evolution takes some part but it is a slow thing.
>But that is how the enhancement spell is defined for non-weapon or 
>armor -- it makes a chair more comfortable (more chair-y?), it makes 
>a pouch hold more, etc.
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