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MY apologies if you received something similar already. My first draft got tangled in a connection error and may or may not have gone out, but it got erased at my end.

Permanent Magics has guidelines for Enchantment that already allow for this in limited form. Weapons, Armor, and Shields are only the examples. Only of the things mentioned, in fact, is an enchanted chair.

What we know:
The item must be crafted by the enchanter. That means the right crafting skill must be known, but not necessarily the right usage skill. Certainly no mention is made requiring training in any weapon made. 

The item must be made of Virgin materials. 

You are enhancing an item, not making an item that confers a skill. You can make a sword that enhances skill with that sword by 10%, but not a ring that enhances sword skill in general. Although you COULD make a magically comfortable, well fitting, and shiny ring, if you desired.

So, using the rules as written, you could make a lyre that had +10% effectiveness to skill. MAYBE a guitar pick that did the same for all stringed instruments that benefited from a pick, even..

Now all that's left is the skill bonus. The spell confers ELx1% to weapons Certainly that applies to any "other" skill. I think it's likely the same for all. +10 is quite a lot, even for an "or 80" skill. After all, on "or 80" skills, an 80 confers success or partial failure (25% over upper limit of success), but never failure. an ELx1 here is simply reducing partial failure rates a tiny bit. it hardly makes a difference to what are usually easiliy earned skills.

Another example is Speak/read/Write Languages/ Three different items would need to be made. Speak could be anything, as you're not using Enchantment, but Ensorcellment for the Communicate spell. Read would be enchanted spectacles, and Write would be an Enchanted spells.

That's my take on it, anyhow.

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>Ok...say a character wants to create a magic item that improves a skill...some enchantment, I would think.  Now, we have two kinds of skills..."or 80” skills and weapon or 'other' skills.
>So...what formula for EL increase should be used?  Doe the Mage have to know the skill to enchant the item?
>For "or 80" skills, I was thinking an increase of EL cast or random between EL of Enchantment spell up to 2x spell EL, depending on preparations made...quality of item enchanted, or rarity of the materials, etc.  For the non-80 skills, maybe (EL+1)/2 roundup?
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