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In Marentian and Zen'dali Z'leyra says, "Please, all of you gather close
around. Have a seat facing me. Watch. I would like to commune with the
spirits over this." She indicates for them to sit in front of her within 15
feet. Telling the horses to stay, she takes out her shamanic drum
(tambourine), kneels down and starts beating out a repetitive pattern. Soon
she rocks her head back and starts speaking in Kameran.
   Soon she stops beating her drum, she grabs her staff and speaks some
more and then spends some moments staring into the eyes of each person that
will meet her gaze.

   <Those who know much about shamans or who can see magic can tell she
cast a spell and may choose to avert their eyes or resist the spell. Those
that don't know and can't see magic just know that she did some shamanic

The spells she cast were Orient Self on herself EL11 to give herself enough
time for all the gazing she expects to do. Followed by sufficient EL2 Soul
Sight spells through her staff to gather the relevant information from each
that would meet her gaze. She also notes which chose to avert their gaze or
resist the spell.
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