[PnP] List/Site back up

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri Sep 16 02:11:39 CEST 2016

At 03:04 PM 9/15/2016, you wrote:
>I can't just sign folks up blind. That's not how RPoL works. You 
>have to actually press the Apply button on the specific game forum 
>and get your account info sent tot he GM. And you didn't. Only 2 
>did, a husband and wife.

I went to that page and posted interest.  That may be the issue.  its 
not that clear and easy to use such a site. Which I figured for
others as well.  I don't recall a apply just a message area for 
interest.  /Guess that was the issue with others.

>And 3 weeks is actually a very long time to wait for folks that have 
>expressed interest then failed to apply. Usually those folks do it 
>in 1 day or so, if the GM links the game forum to the IC thread, which I did.

Then its a big miss understanding for all.  As to 3 weeks I couild 
argue there.  When wout's site went down folks missed some of the 
details until a month later.  Some don't read daliy as well.  I know 
some I chat with here only read every few weeks.  Month?  3 
Months?  I guess relative to personal will power. :)

>No, Scott, there just wasn't enough actual interest on RPoL for P&P, 
>as evidenced by the lack of the minimal effort required to join it.

Rpol but you had at least 4 here.  So to me seems like its rpol 
:)  We'll blame it. :)

>Also, I don't know who Caladan's player was, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't me.
Wow.  I totally zoned out.  Tom Crockett ran Caladan.  So for some 
reason I was like tom to Thomas..tom...? see :)
Too many players over the decades. :<
But I checked my online characters of campaign link and bam saw 
it.  My Bad.  Sorry.

But you are welcome to join regardless.
I do appreciate your posting activity here.

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