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The Kurgan thekurgan at BEER.COM
Fri Jan 29 00:25:45 CET 1999

   Ok, thanks for the help. I've now set the 'Reply to:' field with
   the P&P list addy. As for book one, I found it. Yes, it was gone,
   but the guy who walked off with it brought it back and waited until
   I wasn't looking to toss it behind my television. He thinks I'm
   stupid enough to fall for that old trick, but I know darn well what
   happened. I'd still like to find copies of TOTD and BOT if anyone
   should run across them.

   Also, I have started a mailing list for readers of the "Men's
   Adventure" type of novels such as The Survivalist, The Guardians,
   etc. if anyone is interested. Those were all the post nuclear war
   adventure series type of books. I think my favourite was Endworld.
   If your interested in the list let me know.


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