David Hunt dhunt at MYRIAD.NET
Wed Mar 7 01:06:45 CET 2001

Maouse wrote:

> Hehehe... Then Go visit an Upper World Alal for some real destruction (if
> you double the EL for upper it becomes an EL 20 destruction, only about a
> 1900 MILE radius of destruction). Even in the lower world they can cast it
> to level a city in a single casting (about 3 mi radius!)... They are my new
> #1 "most bitchin'" creature (we are currently travelling in the upper world
> and met one who cast and leveled an entire hell in an attempt to kill us -
> we teleported away - lucky for us the "blast area" was contained by the
> hell's border - 40 dam per phase is unliveable).
> -Marcel

According to the rules, no creature native to the Upper World can enter or be
summoned to the Lowerworld.  An Alal could not go there.  Interesting idea
about the enscorcelled spell being released when the item is broken.  In the
campaign I was most recently in, it required educationally learning a specific
rite to create wands or staves (in addition to anything else not specifically
covered in the description on the Permanent Magic spell(s).  We also had a
house rule that said the radius of a "defensively" cast Destruction was set at
a constant 6 inches (that's half of a foot) to prevent people from doing things
like that.

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