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>Resurrection has a reduction factor that for most characteristics is
>Does temporary mean that the come back on their own according to some
>formula or other?
>Or does it mean that you have to use Characteristic Points from CEP and
>MEP to regain your points. I note that unless it is a high EL resurrection
>it may be hard to be successful in getting experience because one's
>abilities may be reduced to marginal amounts. Someone with an attribute of
>50 would have the attribute at 5 after an EL0 resurrection.
>[Out of curiosity, what would the attribute be if he died and was
>resurrected again but at EL7? Which ability level would it be based on?
>Presumably the 5.]
>    I play it this way, but note that only powerful npcs or characters who
>have studied and practiced resurrection a LOT will be able to bring
>characters back alive with abilities anywhere close to what they died
>with. [With straight successes it would take more than 61 castings to get
>to EL8 where one can resurrect someone to 90% ability. Or about three
>years study.]

The spell mentions several keywords that to me imply it is indeed not forever
a reduction.  Again I'll take a good example.  Princess Bride.  A great fun
flick.  When he was resurrected he was weak and could barely stand.  This
is how the spell works.  When you come back your weak and thus the
reduction in all stats.  I'd play it through a increase over time like
Energy level
or a healing type formula but depends on the GM.

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