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On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 21:33:09 -0900, Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM>

>Years ago I created a Kameri (well half Kameri) character that had Kameri
>weaponsmithing skills. My copy of the Culture Book  on p.34 states "All
>metal weapons made by a Kameri smith have a FV one higher than normal
>weapons of the same type."
>    Yesterday I noticed that the Kameran culture website
> http://abroere.xs4all.nl/pnp/lands/Kameran.htm
> NOTE - Kameri metal is noted for its durability and its ability to hold a
>sharp edge. It is a superb alloy whose secret is only known to Kameri
>smiths and a few of the Alesi. All metal weapons made by a Kameri smith
>have +1 WSB and +2 FV.
>That is a VERY impressive bonus. I would think that Kameri weapons would
>command quite a premium and many would be seeking the secret.
>Not that my character minds the increased skill but...where did the change
>come from?
>    I presume that the weapons take as long to make as their WSB calls for
>((WSB+2) squared in days). A Kameri sword taking longer to make than a
>non-Kameri sword.

Reading more of the website (By the way, Nice Job!) I am reminded that the
Rogizini entry in both the website and The Culture Book says:(The Rogizini
Empire is noted for fine craftsmanship, luxury goods, exquisite spices and
poor-quality metal goods. ... Rogizini weapons are beautiful items that are
effective but fragile in combat. To simulate this increase the WSB for all
Rogizini weapons, except bows, by 1 and decrease their fatigue value by 2.)

So I guess it isn't out of line for the Kameri weapons to have the bonuses
listed. Particularly since they are noted as fine weaponsmiths.

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