[PnP] Enhancement limitations, new gems

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Dec 11 06:38:10 CET 2014

At 09:02 AM 12/8/2014, you wrote:
> >> Ivory >> Unenhanced ivory has no magical 
> value. Enhanced, it will grant the following 
> benefits: >> a) As a talisman, the wearer

 > When i think of Ivory I think of Elephant 
tusks.  This makes me thin k of the large brain.  Good memory.
 > So why not a Int based applicatoin?

I honestly did not think of Elephants, and ivory does come from other
sources.  The base was taken by doing a google search on ivory for
historical “mythological properties”.  Perhaps a good “c”
entry can be made for the source of the ivory — Elephant grants
iimproved memory when worn (I+10), Rhino horn grants greater toughness
(C+10).  Perhaps whale tooth ivory could be good for endurance (St+10).

So few Int based stuff out there.    Only found 2 in my quick keyword
search on my nmagic file.  Rhino def I can see that.  I could even
for fun say pool balls help with gambling.  :)  But would take
some work.

 > Salt.  Makes you thirsty.  Soo...why not a 
benefit to make you LESS thirsty a good desert traveller.
 > or again a desert aspect (opposite of water) 
one does not sweat which improves endurance and such.

The original book 4 had Pearl, so I based it off that with tweaks.

Yep.  Just giving an alternate.  Had one player say back in 80s could
use salt to defend against turning a person to stone.  Sort of a reverse
Sodom story thing?  At the time in the 90s there was a creature doing
that to folks.

 > This item is what?


I think I took an existing gem in book 4 as a base (the original
“B” was vs. Chaos) and tweaked it based on what my google search
pulled up.

So if yoru adding this.  Did you update to new random carts for

 >> Zircon
 > Interesting.  I'm dead but Zircon as in fake 
gems?  Why not some gem benefit? Play on the material of sorts.
 > Helps to ID gems or detect gems or detect levelof quality.

It’s not the same as fake diamonds (cubic Zirconia), though I
may have thought that when I made this one.  I’ll need to revisit it.

Its the default for me when seeing all those info ads on those
items.  First thing to come to mind.

 >> Hematite
 >> C is worth it.  Maybe I'm slap happy.  I 
think of this as a Earthy thing if i recal.  so 
some Earthy aspect.  Underground/earth spels. etc.

Hematite, due to it’s red color has always been associated with
blood.  Entry C may be too powerful, perhaps just double the HC is
good enough.

Sounds cool.

 >> Tiger's Eye
 >> So this is more the Folk version than the 
actual Tony the Tiger actual eye :)
 > But a good oe for this one.

I think this was based purely off the google search, with the
spells and values based on other gems.

I still recall in HS the witches using the cauldron for seeing or that
eye thing.  So made some items like that back then.  But now Mirrors
and such that do such things is way common in the mythos/genre.

 >> Rock Quartz
 >> will result in snow.  In Desert climates there is no effect.
 > Interesting I guess this would be a very 
common item.  But maybe I'm thinking of basic quartz.

Rock quartz is the especially clear version, not the normal cloudy
white quartz.  I would expect it to be hard to find.

There are other gems likely to be created as my players due this
stuff.  As I find new gems I’ll have to figure them out and I’ll
post them here.  I’ll see about posting updated versions of the above
ones later on.

Sounds good.  Let me know when you get to Ebony and I'll compare
my stuff maybe privately since a player uses it.

Sometimes though a item should just be a item without magic.

If we make a simle rock magical then i guess it can be ground ot
improve strength.  But let's face it at oen point things get a bit
silly.  Tree Sap!  Magical version it helps to trap people. ...

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