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I'm going to disagree a bit with the (EL+1)x5 for "or 80" skills. As a rule, the skills tend to be cheap to increase, and, hence, quick to learn. They also start fairly high. Plus: Failure is safe, and fairly rare. After all, at 75+ the worst result you have is a Partial Success.

As to cost to increase: Compare an extreme example of Armorer (one of the most costly "or 80" in the book). it costs 9 per level. Bow costs NELx9 per level. Assuming a start of about 12 in Armorer, a level of 75% takes about 567 points. Enough to raise Bow from 0 to 10, almost 11.  the rate is 1 point per day, minimum, for long term uses, plus a 1d10 roll for successful use to achieve more than a paycheck.

Yes, EL+1 does more for weapons, but it doesn't really need to do much at all for "or 80" skills. A plus 30, rather than a plus 6 may be a bit over powered given the nature of the skills, and the relative price of failure.

Again, that's just an opinion. 

Besides, if you need more bonus, you can just make more tools. Why settle for a magic anvil when you can have a magic hammer AND a magic anvil? And double the expertise gain on your Permanent magic for enchanting both items. The ability to use multiple tools is another reason not to house rule higher bonuses, come to think of it.

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>does not really cover the level of detail that you are looking for.
>There is not really a rule in the books as far as I can tell. Within the 
>rules you could use ensorcellment and luck to create an item that grants 
>EL+1 on skill use. That would be fine for other skills. For or80 skills 
>it is a bit limited.
>But IMO keeping within the spirit of the rules, you could allow
>   EL+1 for other skills
>   (EL+1)x5 for or 80 skills
>and use enchantment as the permanent magic skill to cast.
>(My reasoning for the times 5: it is a percentage chance increase for or 
>80 skills. The percdntage mdoifier for weight is the one I go by, it 
>uses 5% steps. If this gives to much improvement for you, go for times 2 
>or 3.)
>You might want to allow specific uses only, depending on the item and 
>skill in question.
>EXAMPLE - An enchanted rope grants an EL+1 bonus on climbing skill 
>attempts. An enchanted anvil grants (EL+1)x5 bonus on Blacksmithing work.
>On 12-09-16 18:02,  Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:
>> Is there an magazine article or rules reference for this? Because the
>> spell description limits it to a bit of expertise that can result in no
>> more than a single percentage point in skill.
>> Mind you, a GM can rule however they want, I'm just wondering if there
>> is a rule somewhere I've missed or forgotten that allows for more than
>> the spell description does.
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>>     re: Creating magic items that grant or improve a skill.
>>     The Knowledge spell can be used by ensorceling it into the item to
>>     provide a skill or skill improvement.
>>     On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 5:35 PM, David Sanders
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>>         Ok...say a character wants to create a magic item that improves
>>         a skill...some enchantment, I would think.  Now, we have two
>>         kinds of skills..."or 80” skills and weapon or 'other' skills.
>>         So...what formula for EL increase should be used?  Doe the Mage
>>         have to know the skill to enchant the item?
>>         For "or 80" skills, I was thinking an increase of EL cast or
>>         random between EL of Enchantment spell up to 2x spell EL,
>>         depending on preparations made...quality of item enchanted, or
>>         rarity of the materials, etc.  For the non-80 skills, maybe
>>         (EL+1)/2 roundup?
>>         Thots?
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